"Roses Triptych". 24" x 36" Digital Painting Printed on Canvas. 2019.

Jason was one of the selected artists Justin Bieber invited to showcase his artwork called "Roses triptych" at UTA Artist Space in Los Angeles, California. Curated by Justin and Hailey Bieber, proceeds from this auction benefit two organizations helping families in need this holiday season – LIFT Los Angeles and Inner-City Arts. 

The Event’s Purpose

LIFT is a national nonprofit organization working to break the cycle of poverty for families and Inner-City Arts uses arts education to positively affect the lives of underserved children. The collection features rare contemporary art from the likes of Fidia Falaschetti, Patch Whisky, Buff Monster, Virgil Abloh, Greg Mike, Dalek, Pablo Dona, Pref, OG Slick, Jason Zante, and Miss Zukie.


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