"Bayanihan". 36" x 36" Digital Painting Printed on Giclee.

"Bayanihan" was privately commissioned by TD Bank and Cboe Global Markets for TD Securities Art "After Dark event", celebrating diversity and inclusion in the arts. The art piece is now a part of TD's permanent art collection, where it joins other curated pieces including some from the iconic Group of Seven.

The Artwork's concept

In Filipino culture, Bayanihan translates to the spirit of the community. It is a broad term for uniting together for the common good and being compassionate with one another.

Traditionally, this cultural term references a community's effort to help relocate a neighbour's home made of bamboo and nipa leaves from one location to the next. Multiple people would carry the house using bamboo sticks to hoist the home on their shoulders. This iconic imagery is the essence of the Filipino spirit. It's built on sincere acts of kindness without expecting anything in return.

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