Four Seasons Hotel Toronto 

The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto opens a new summer patio called "d|azur" inspired by the French Riviera and features a custom art installation privately commissioned from Toronto artist Jason Zante.

Located in the luxurious Yorkville area, the vibrant and chic patio menu includes a collection of Mediterranean creations by d|bar Sous Chef Horatio Macias Leon. The outdoor patio is also designed by Drawbox Inc. to complement the striking art installation.

The artwork named “The Riviera”, is exclusively commissioned by the d|azur and is inspired by the beauty of France’s picturesque coastal regions and the Mediterranean. “Combining realistic and abstracted forms to create a surrealist ethereal landscape was key to generate the feeling of escapism. I wanted to create a vibrant and dreamlike atmosphere that exudes the feeling of the sublime. A postcard-like illustration that dreams of a long-awaited vacation retreat” the artist states. 

The artwork has already garnered the attention of many Toronto residents and prominent magazines such as Forbes, TRNTO, Taste Toronto, and even the iconic Chef Daniel Boulud.

To learn more about d|azur and Jason Zante’s art installation, click this article link to Forbes.

All Photography credits to Hector Vasquez

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