"The Flow of the Falls". 68ft W x 10ft H Vinyl Mural. 

Creative direction, murals and custom artworks created for Jameson's Pub and Cocktail Bar. Located inside Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls. The project was in collaboration with award winning strategy and design agency Mackaywong. The dynamic project consists of three large-scale murals, five printed glass pieces and seven individual artworks totalling an area of over 1,200 square feet. The murals represent the transformative power of the Falls. It showcases the progression of water forming into plants and birds, personifying this fluid element as the sculptor in nature that influences all. 

"Paradise". 26ft W x 10ft H Vinyl Mural. Three 5.6 ft x 3.6 ft and three 3.6ft x 3.6ft individual custom artworks.

Custom glass panel & signage design.

"Old Fashioned". 7ft x 8ft Digital Painting Printed on Canvas.

Rotunda Artwork. 10ft x 10ft Vinyl Mural. 

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