Food Typography

Each poster is representative of the word gather. Utilizing food as the primary reason to “gather” as a group, family, friends, neighbours or peers, to suggest that food, no matter what the occasion brings people together. The element of interaction with the food is an important element as humans have the same desire to eat in ordered to refuel. The letter forms are based on Futura bold, a san serif type serving as a basis to showcase the complex culinary food designs on a simple and clean typography. Around the compositions are food elements that allude the ingredients of the dishes such as vegetables, spices, sauce to make composition more visually interesting and dynamic. A banana leaf is placed as a table mat which is inspired by Filipino tradition known as “boodle fight”, a type of dining in which all food is arranged on the banana leaves in a decorative and festive manner.

Placing the food on clear acetate plastic as containers helped to diminish and make the edges invisible to bring the emphasis on the food. Adding oil to create artificial shine and utilizing photoshop added extra emphasis in making the food appetizing. The lighting used for this project is a combination of natural light from the window and a makeshift soft bow light from a lamp. The camera used is a Canon EOS Rebel T5.

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This project is currently a semifinalist runner for the 2018 Adobe Design Achievements Awards.

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