Coral Bleaching 

The objective of this climate change project is focused on the topic of coral bleaching. Almost all of the world’s corals from the Caribbean, the Great Barrier Reef and parts of the pacific have had a bleaching event, posing a great problem for marine life and the worlds agriculture. Pollutants caused by Carbon dioxide results in global warming catalyzing the warming of oceans. Coral bleaching is a visual indicator of thermal stress caused by climate change. Pollution from agricultural runoff, changes in salinity and temperature of sea water increases the vulnerability of these beautiful living creatures. Corals get their colours from tiny algae which live in their tissues. They have a limited temperature range in which they can live in and when temperatures are irregular or get hot, the corals stress out and expel the algae, which turns them white or “bleached.” 

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Awareness Video

This video created using Adobe After Effects, is an extension of the poster advertisement. Showcasing the beauty of corals and presenting relevant facts such as by 2050, ninety percent of the world's corals will be dead with the main causes such as global warming and global pollution.

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This project is currently a semifinalist runner for the 2018 Adobe Design Achievements Awards.

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