Commissioned artwork for CIBC's art collection and Art Exhibition called Ambition Takes Flight. The exhibition speaks about the endless potential of travel and ambition, reflecting on the diverse reasons that bring people to the airport. The art piece is displayed on top of the luggage carousels in the Terminal 1 (Carousel 8) International Baggage Hall at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Diptych. 60 x 40 in. 

The artwork entitled “Tahanan,” meaning “home” in Tagalog is a visual homage to the archipelago islands of the Philippines. It reimagines the Palawan region in a surreal composition bursting with tropical beauty and exotic elements. The vibrant colours and shapes are inspired by the cultural diversity of the 7,640 islands. Each is unique in its landscape formations but shares a common connection of being surrounded by ethereal waters. 

Photography by Kailee Mandel

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